Thursday, December 27, 2007

Man born without sense of Irony?

Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign ,responding to allegations that the group's failure to file a complaint against a couple of pols who may have violated state ethics law in promoting an issue that WCD's partners and donors overwhelmingly support, struggles with a tagically impaired sense of self awareness:

"When an issue comes up, McCabe said he never consults the interest groups supporting his organization. If he did, he said, it would all but paralyze his outfit.

"We decided a long time ago that we just have to go out there and look honestly at where the money's flowing and call 'em as we see them," McCabe said.

"There's always going to be somebody mad."

It must be quite a burden to have, as your life's mission, to do what you believe that almost no one else can. This must be why WCD shouldn't have to disclose where its money comes from. Because, you know, it doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

WDC is a joke. Clinging to their non partisan thing while at the same time promoting fighting bob fest...

Not worried at all about Doyle, until after the elections...

Unknown said...

McCabe believes the system must be corrupt because he lost in the Republican primary for an assembly seat many years ago. There must be something wrong with a system when people like Mike McCabe and Ed Garvey can't get elected. What a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

We live in a world in which the Milwaukee Urinal can frame an issue by virtue of what is says or what is censors.
WDC is described as Non-partisan.
So there you have it. The truth according to The Urinal.
Mike McCabe is "quoted" as WDC's NON-PARTISAN SPOKESMAN.
So there you have it. WDC is non-partisan, and it's spokesmodel Mike McCabe is the non-partisan spokesmodel for the non-partisan WDC.
Those who have an i.q. over 80 see the total horseshit for what it's worth. We see McCabe and his bumbling, stumbling clownish nonsense.
But the Milwaukee Urinal pretends not to see the MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN.
So the charade continues.
And if the LIE gets told by the only paper in town over and over and over and over and over and over again. It becomes defacto truth.
Does any thinking, normal, knowledgable, politically active, human not see Mike McCabe for the Bozo that he is??
Or are we supposed to go...SHHHHHH!! and pretend that he and WDC are not a liberal joke??
Can anyone tell me about CONSERVATIVE organization that gets a pass without scrutiny????
No you can't.
I've just schooled you on how the MSM operates.
You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Is the WDC privately or publicly funded?

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