Monday, February 21, 2011

Madison Parties Like it's 1939

There is something almost retro about the drama in Madison. If there is a future for the Democratic Party in Wisconsin (and there certainly is), I would not think that it is rooted in support for labor unions - entities that have become all but irrelevant in the economy at large for reasons that are unlikely to change. I had this vision of Pete Seeger coming to the rotunda and croaking about Joe Hill and the copper bosses. I actually saw a sign calling upon the "Workers of the World to Unite." Note to Madison: The Revolution crapped out.

Madison has all the drawbacks of a company town. People in Dane County actually think that this collective temper tantrum is working. They are proud of themselves. The rest of us are not proud of them. One of the most amazing things was to see doctors openly engaged in - it's not too strong a word - fraud and justify it on the grounds of "social activism." One of my favorites was the doctor who thought that his decision to whore out was protected by confidentiality. Lawyers famously love doctor clients. Something about them is irredeemably clueless.

Giving people sick notes is not protected by the physician-patient privilege. The privilege protects things that people intend to keep confidential. Sick notes are, by definition, not that. Read the statute. If you put your health in issue (by calling in sick), your communications with your doc are not private.


Brew City Brawler said...

Free advice: lay off the pinot noir before blogging. Cohering less than usual.

Anonymous said...

Broad-brush strokes followed by emphasis on a side-story.

Ah, I love it when the fox tries to give advice to the hens.

Brew City Brawler said...

Based on any available polling, not sure what you mean by "the rest of us."
Maybe Mequon is the company town.

Display Name said...

He gets so cute when he's all sleepy late at night, and he curls up for his bedtime story. A comb and brush, and a bowl full of mush... for the unionists! And a professor whispering "Hush!"

Rick Esenberg said...

Not much pinot noir for me lately. I'm on a diet. Empty calories, you know.

Anonymous said...

TLDR: Hippies are dirty.

Anonymous said...

"rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God" Cheese gift to T. Jefferson.

We should thank Gov Walker for bringing to our attention that bad gov policy can lead to gov tyranny.

Teachers are not to blame.

jp said...

labor unions - entities that have become all but irrelevant in the economy

Is not the problem public employee unions have become much too relevant in the economy?