Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shark on Fox News

This afternoon I appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly on our lamming legislators. Nothing I haven't said here and elsewhere. It's pretty hard to justify.


Anonymous said...

Belling and Sykes appear to be defiant so maybe you can suggest that AG Van Hollen recommend that Gov Walker take his victory and move on.

PS my said that Belling and Sykes can go screw theselfs and that ghe eight car pile up this morning just missed me.

Anonymous said...

Its interest how things change from what is typed but the PS was from my wife

Anonymous said...

Fox transcript is useless.

Anonymous said...

"It's pretty hard to justify."

What, your going on Fox News?

Dad29 said...

All in all, Megyn is worth watching.

George Mitchell said...



AnotherTosaVoter said...

The best I've seen of Megyn is when Jon Stewart pointed out that yes, Fox commentators and anchors call people Nazis. Good times.

Rick Esenberg said...

Anon 12:17

Actually I told my students that my appearance could be cited as proof that the story is over covered. I have about 90 witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Any guy whose primary reaction to Megyn Kelly is to think about Jon Stewart/Fox/Nazis/blah blah blah has got a screw loose.

Display Name said...

Ain't she purty, herp durp.

Anonymous said...

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