Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shark on WPRR

Last Friday I was a guest on Joy Cardin's show on Friday morning. The archive is here. I mention it, in part, because I got an email from an employee of the UW Hospital who said I "lied" because I denied that the bill was abolishing public employee unions and said that it restricted rather than eliminated collective bargaining rights.

I stand by what I said but it's worth qualifying. She was concerned because the bill apparently does eliminate collective bargaining for certain employees of the UW and UW Hospital. I haven't worked through all of the amendments to chapter 233 but fair enough. We were talking about the bill as a whole but she is entitled to be raise her own particular situation.


Anonymous said...

Message to Gov Walker;
Be pragmatic, facsism or socialism are acceptable outcomes. Take your victory and moveon.

Anonymous said...

Are not acceptable outcomes