Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's the Highlanders' world; we just live in it

I have blogged about the Homestead girls soccer team's run through the state tournament. This afternoon, they took the state title, edging a gutsy DePere team 3-2 in double overtime. The golden goal came in the 98th minute.

The kids from DePere deserve a lot of credit. They were completely outplayed but came within 2:59 of sending the game to penalties. That is one of the fascinating and frustrating things about soccer. Concentration and effort can keep a game in which the run of play is lopsided close on the board.

Congratulations again to our niece Monica Cooley (did I mention she scored the winning goal in the semis? I guess I did) and her teammates. They did something they'll never forget.


aunt karen (aka reddess) said...

Hi Monica (I know that sometimes you read this blog)
Congratulations to you and your team. You played some tough games but never gave up. We are so proud of you (I know...I've said that before. Sorry for being sappy).
Now go study for finals. Go on.

Then you can start thinking about a repeat.

reddess said...

Allow me to indulge once more. There is a nice picture of the team on page 1 of today's sports section. Monica is the sweaty one with her mouth open...oh wait - they all look like that. Actually, she is the cute red-headish one right in the middle helping hoist up the tropy. She is #23 but you can only see the #2.
And I must mention my other niece Jamie. She is a a beautiful dancer whom I will have the pleasure of watching in a recital today. I won't tell her to break a leg today, just good luck.

jp said...

They demonstrated it pays to keep your head in the game.