Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos prediction

It is a bit late - but not too late - to make a Sopranos prediction. I am of the "Tony won't die" school, having been persuaded by the view that a theme of the show has been about the hell that bad people create for themselves in life. I am also moved by the idea that Chase won't want to kill off such an interesting character. He lives but nothing good is coming.

It would be in keeping with the show for something really awful to happen and I am afraid that it is going to happen to A.J. or Meadow. "They never touch the families," Tony told Carmela. This time - whether intentionally or not - they will. Hiding out in a home that Carmela owns doesn't seem like a good move.

But that horror won't be enough. Carmela will turn state's evidence. She has always been loyal to Tony but that loyalty has been in service of her pretense of being the matron of just another affluent suburban family. I could see Carmela soldiering on, but my guess is that she doesn't. She dimes out Tony to get away with the survivor and he is on both the giving and receiving end of his mother's parting judgment: "Your family always lets you down."

(Another option: Janice does it.)

There must also be some injustice and my view is that it will be the awful Paulie Galtieri skating away, perhaps as part of the ascendant Leotardo family.

In a little over three hours, I'll know how wrong I was.

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reddess said...

Boy...were you wrong.

I loved it.