Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fab videos for a bleak midwinters day

Via Howard Wasserman at Prawfs via NPR, JAMSBIO ranks the songs of the Beatles. So there's a theme for Sunday.

No. 1 was A Day in the Life which is a worthy candidate. This video captures the Beatles' trippy English silliness with just the right hint of foreboding.

I was surprised that a few of my less celebrated favorites did well such as "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" (#19)introduced in this video from "Help."

Another favorite of mine is "For No One" which was no. 13. It is, however, one of the relatively few Beatles' songs with superior cover versions. My favorite is by Rickie Lee Jones but here is another good one by the incomparable Emmylou Harris.

One that I like (despite its hint of the saccharine McCartney that we have come to know and do not love) that is not obscure but did poorly is "Let it Be" (#63) as the Golden Slumber medley (#4) as come to surpass it as the Beatles' coda. Still, here it is.

But here is the Golden Slumbers" medley.

Let it Be


illusory tenant said...

177. Old Brown Shoe

This is an outrage!

(Thanks for the Emmylou; never seen that before.)

jp said...

Good to see you included an Irish type.

Are you sure, you don’t want to run for office?

Other Side said...

Thanks for the trippy down memory lane.