Sunday, January 18, 2009

Songs for the Inauguration

It's Inauguration Week and I can't help it.

But what is the change to believe in? Prompt withdrawal from Iraq has turned into a Rumsfeldian (literally)"we'll stand down as they stand up." Close Gitmo? Well, eventually. It turns out that those wiretaps of international communications were constitutional after all (as prior case law suggested they were.) Raise taxes? I'll get back to you. In fact, Obama even promises to continue Bushian Big Government, promising to see his 750 billion and raise to a neat trillion.

Although the latter is some continuity that the netroots will like, what are they to do about this George W. Obama? What's left for the left?

So much of the Obama campaign was predicated on the notion that a song could be President.

It's becoming clear that it can't. But if it could, it would be this one.


apexcutter said...

"and the world looks just the same,
and history ain't changed ..."

Excellent selection!

jp said...

I can't help it.

Is that like “you know” I just snapped?