Monday, January 15, 2007

Somewhere they are lining up to run against Kagen

Steve Kagen has been in office for less than two weeks but he already looks like a one-termer. This is what happens when we elect a guy whose qualification for public office was pretty much limited to 1) he had a lot of money to pour into his campaign and 2) he was not a Republican in a Democrat year. Of course, Dems will defend him as long as his conduct stays on the near side of the Mark Foley line just as, I suppose, Republicans would defend a GOP version of Kagen. A politically astute (Democratic)colleague once told me that she did not care how smart or offputting a legislator was because all they are is a vote and, as long as they vote the right way (i.e., her way), the rest does not matter. There is, I think, wisdom in that.

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Anonymous said...

Then why not just elect trained monkies?

Oh, wait, we already do.

Never mind.