Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Subsidize us

Its not a new story but I first heard it on Fox News last night. There is apparently some possibility for the extinction of redheads by the year 2100.

This means that my home is a habitat for an endangered species. Doesn't that entitle me to a property tax exemption? Some government funded maintenance? We are teetering on the abyss here. I wouldn't want the Reddess to succumb for a lack of supplies from Sephora.

And its not just her. I have paid for my (not as redheaded)son's college education so that he will be able to properly raise little endangered redheads. I think some payback is in order.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but are you willing to put up with the captive breeding program?

Anonymous said...

I think this means we cannot build a highway thru or drill for oil on you habitat.

Anonymous said...

True JP.

But feel free to send donations to "Save the Redheads" care of me.