Tuesday, January 01, 2008

15 predictions for 2008

1. In Super Bowl, Brett Farve passes for over 300 yards and three touchdowns, but the Packers can't stop Tom Brady and the Pats' passing attack. New England 41 Green Bay 34.

2. Al Qaeda in Iraq, having read history, tries to mount its equivalent of the Tet offensive, by attempting a major terror attack in Baghdad's Green Zone.

3. The Marquette Golden Eagles make the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament. The Milwaukee Panthers have another sub-.500 year and Rob Jeter is fired as head coach. He is replaced by Bruce Pearl assistant Tony Jones.

4. Scott Walker is reelected as County Executive.

5. Michael McGee, Jr., is convicted of both state and federal charges and gets a rather lengthy prison sentence, prompting minor demonstrations. Fred Gordon replaces him on the Common Council.

6. The Milwaukee Brewers get off to a poor start and Ned Yost is fired and replaced by Ted Simmons. This time, the team finishes strong, but is once again edged by the Chicago Cubs for the NL Central Division championship but make the playoffs as a wild card. The Cubs, however, win their first series since 1908, clearing the way for another century long hiberbation.

7. Fidel Castro dies and there is political upheaval in Cuba.

8. The race for Wisconsin Supreme Court is expensive and heated. I won't predict a winner, but the legislature will pass a public financing bill for Supreme Court elections. We won't know this in 2008, but it will accomplish very little.

9. The challenge to Wisconsin's marriage amendment will lose in the circut court.

10. Brett Farve will not retire.

11. Barak Obama will win the Democratic nomination. His running mate will be Bill Richardson.

12. The Democrats lose seats (including Steve Kagen's), but hold the House and pick up two Senate seats. The balance of power in the state legislature will remain essentially unchanged.

13. John McCain is elected the 44th President of the United States. His running mate is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. (Actually, I think it will be Tim Pawlenty but this seems more intriguing.)

14. The Packers win the NFC North again with a 12-4 mark. The UW football team will be 6-6.

15. Ann Coulter will announce her engagement to Paul Krugman.


Daniel Suhr said...

While I like the Marquette Warriors in the Elite Eight, I fear you underestimate the number of US Senate seats the GOP will lose.
There are 4 GOP open seats: Virginia, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Colorado (we'll lose 2 of 4). There are vulnerable GOP incumbents in Minnesota, Maine, Oregon, and New Hampshire (again, lose 2 of 4). There are 2 vulnerable Dem incumbents - Johnson in S. Dakota and Landrieu in Louisiana. I'd be happy to win one. Thus, I expect a net loss of three, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were 4.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? My Badgers 6-6? You foolish man. Bucky will rule the Big 10.
And you? It's the couch at night when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Rick, you are well respected by those of us who don't howl at the moon, but....come on man...it's only sensible and wise, not to piss off the Reddess. Those of us who are conservative will understand it if you suck up a little. After all she has "Roscommon common sense".
I hope Mark Belling doesn't sue me over the obvious rip-off.
Pssssst, I think the Badgers will win 8.