Monday, January 21, 2008

Depression sets in

The Giants. They gave up 80 points in their first two games. We manhandled them in week two. The Vikings ran all over them. Even last week, the Cowboys outplayed them.
It was there to be taken. The Super Bowl. We could have broken the Pats' streak.

The team is good but you have to be good and lucky to get this far. The team is young but its quarterback has got one foot in The Villages.

A small fortune for tickets. 40 pounds of outerwear. Ice on the seats. My diet coke froze while I was drinking it. There were two Giants fans in front of us and they were so fricking nice. (I think they called Charlie's show this morning.) Couldn't throw things at them. Couldn't hate them.

It is my son's birthday. Couldn't the Packers win for him? (Ok, so he's 24. The principle still applies.)

Last night, as we arrived in home, got in bed and turned out the lights, the Reddess said the following:

Noooooooooooooo ! (Tasteless comments will be deleted.)

There is a banality in watching the other team win in overtime. Their celebration seems so normal as it perverts the moral order.

Hell is other people when the Packers lose.

The future is a cleat grinding into Driver's face ... forever.

Life is a bitch and then you can't convert third downs.

Smiling faces I can see/but not for me/I sit and watch ...


Anonymous said...

Get over it. It's only freakin' football.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frosty

One's gotta go through the stages of grief as they see fit (especially when it's their blog).

I'm still in denial.

Anonymous said...

Reddess: Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Reddess: Maybe you listen to too much of the local news coverage to think the Packers could actually beat the Giants!

Anonymous said...


All of the "national" guys (FOX sports, ESPN, and others) predicted a Packers win (except for Terry Bradshaw? - not sure on that). Oddsmakers chose the Pack by 7 1/2. The Pack could have and should have beat the Giants. They didn't use the opportunities that they had. The Giants totally outplayed us and deserved the win. Congratulations. But good luck with the Patriots.


I have one; thank you anyways. The real issue is why you care so much that football fans like to talk If you don't like it you don't have to read it.