Monday, January 21, 2008

The Shark tries denial

What a great morning to blog about politics; it being King Day and all. I don't imagine that there's a single reason to think about anything else. I mean, how about those Nevada caucuses? Hillary wins, but, then, she really doesn't because Obama gets one more delegate. McCain gets up off the canvas (Ed. No sports metaphors!)... no, he proves that he is ageless, quieting concerns that he is over the hill. (Ed. Worse!)Then there is that state Supreme Court race with Justice Butler and Judge Gableman out on the campaign trail - probably sleeveless, shaking off the harsh Wisconsin winter and, oh, forget it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Shark, but De-Nile is a river in Egypt.

Yesterday, I watched the only 2 pro football games I've watched all year. Seemed like the Patriots were swatting off mosquitoes. Seemed like the Giants showed up to play and the Packers didn't. Since the Packers won't be playing in the Super Bowl, I don't see a need to watch any more pro football til next year. Normally, this would be a good thing (for me), but I had hoped for the Packers to go to the Super Bowl.

One can argue that this isn't Favre's fault, because the whole team, except Driver, seemed like they were somewhere else. However, Favre is a special person and the leader of this team. If he doesn't show up to play, it's unlikely that the rest of the team will do so. Harris was definitely there, but it seemed he was more interested in playing billy goat gruff by butting heads with Burress than he was in actually playing football. If this was a testosterone challenge, Burress definitely won.

However, it's just a game. A big game to be sure, but a game nevertheless.

There's always next year. The Pack will be back.

Anonymous said...

Tough Ed.

Anonymous said...

Only three more stages to go ...