Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Shark Does Lambeau

Yesterday, the Reddess and I headed up to Lambeau with my brother-in-law (her brother) and our niece to see the Packers play the Seahawks. I cannot recall a game that began so badly and changed so rapidly. Let's spot them two touchdowns for sport and then administer an Old Testament smiting. If you weren't there, you probably saw it on television so you know - but I can't recall a playoff game in which a team that started so poorly became so dominant. In fact, I can't recall many playoff games in which a team was as thoroughly beaten as the Seahawks were. After fumbling twice, the Packers scored on six straight possessions and, had they not shut down their offense in the last ten minutes, almost certainly could have kept scoring.

As the snow flew, the Packers seemed to draw energy from it. Just because, here's a picture I took of Ryan Grant taking it to the one. (The Seahawks actually did a great job of closing here to prevent a score.)

At the game's beginning, everyone in our section was testy. Winter games at Lambeau put people at quite close quarters and etiquette requires adopting a small profile. We carped about who wasn't doing that. People snapped at those in front of them: "Dude, park it; there's nothing worth standing for." By the start of the second quarter, we were brothers and sisters dancing to a two hour doxology. It was sort of like the sharing of the peace at my church, you needed to high five everyone at the proper times. No one could be slighted.

As you also know, the snow got ridiculously beautiful. I don't know how it looked if you were in Seattle, but here is the view from section 125.

Mike Holmgren is one of the great coaches in the NFL. He certainly gave us some great years and he has done almost as well in Seattle. There are rumors that this was his last game. I hope that his career can end on a better note. Yesterday, everyone on the Seattle sideline stayed well clear of him.

I have no idea what will happen next week. Given the way that this team (youngest in the NFL)rolled over a very experienced playoff team after a nightmarish start, you have to be optimistic. I don't know if anyone can beat New England, but it'd be great to see this group take a shot.


Anonymous said...

Monica...when did you get taller than me?

Obviously Monica is the pretty one with the geen and gold face.

When the Seahawks were up 14-0, you could hear the snowflakes falling on the field. After that, well... I've never heard it so loud at Lambeau.

During the heaviest snow, if you looked straight up it was like being in a giant snow globe.

Go Giants.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the weather forecast for next weekend. Are you all going to the next game?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Wearing lots and lots of layers. There will be even less room to sit - although everyone stood for a good portion of the last game.

Amy said...

Let's spot them two touchdowns for sport and then administer an Old Testament smiting.

That's hilarious. I'm going to try to win tickets from 620 and if I do, we'll be there - freezing with you!