Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dems lieben Joe nicht.

The real impact of Joe Lieberman's loss is that it will make Democrat politicians more wary of, and cause them to cater to, the "netroots." This is a great day to be a Republican. But it's a sad day for the country. Joe Lieberman did not deserve that.


Janstress said...

And the Republicans don't cater to anyone? Puh-lease! Keep telling yourself it is a great day to be a Republican because come November, you won't be thinking that!

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day indeed when voters who simply think change is the answer reject a man of Lieberman’s integrity.

If this type of voting repeats in November, we all will be losers.

Anonymous said...

"But it's a sad day for the country. Joe Lieberman did not deserve that."

No, Joe got exactly what he deserved in the game of democratic elections. The majority held the guy with power responsible for the aid and comfort he gave to the gang of fools who led this country into an ill-conceived war.

The only sad thing is that the gang of fools itself will not be held responsible by the majority in the country that now sees through this war. If only the Framers had included a recall provision!

Amy said...

Yeah, an anti-war candidate won in a very liberal state.

Big surprise there.

janstress: We will keep thinking that. All I can say for you is if the Dems win in November, you better familiarize yourself with the concepts of dhimmitude and shari'a law.

Because it's clear the Dems - who all supported the war a scant three years ago - have neither the backbone or the integrity to continue fighting those that wish to destroy us.

Lieberman's downfall was not his (sensible) pro-war stance. It was his honesty.

Unlike Clinton, Kerry, McKinney and the rest of the Dems who said they were "duped" into voting for the war, Lieberman was - and is - a supporter of it. He didn't flip-flop, he didn't back down.

And it's clear that the Democrats punish their own for being honest.

That speaks volumes about the party. And mostly what it's saying is a big fat joke.