Thursday, August 31, 2006

Marriage on trial

We taped a public TV "mock trial" on the marriage amendment last night. I am not going to comment on how it went, other than to say that my opposing counsel (Michelle LaVigne of the UW Law School who is a very good lawyer) and I both agreed that trying to use a trial format to address these issues and then imposing the time limits that TV requires resulted in a process that, for each of us, was like trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle.

I will also say that the public television people were admirably gracious and professional.


Jay Bullock said...

Yeah . . . I thought the trial idea was odd, too. I was really hoping for a cage match, maybe. Water pistols at thirty paces. Pencil break.

Looking forward to the show, though.

Anonymous said...

Many viewers like quick answers because deep thinking takes time and can be painful.

Dad29 said...


When does it roll out?

National syndication? Endorsements?

Anonymous said... mush heads into steel, can you stop a speeding bullet too?