Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rice must have pictures of Chirac

Perhaps others have noted it (I'm behind on my blog reading), but I thought that the headline in my pulp copy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the proposed Security Council resolution was a tad misleading. The online tag seems more accurate.

On dead tree, at least, the paper said that Israel and Hezbollah are not prepared to abide by ceasefire. In fact, it seems that what has happened is that the US has somehow gotten the French to agree to a reasonable resolution of this. Israel holds its ground until an international peacekeeping force is on the ground. Hezbollah gets disarmed (which will take a war) and arms supplies are interdicted. This is precisely what should happen and Hezbollah has promptly rejected the idea, belying the notion that it is, in any sense, engaged in a defensive war.

This all may be just as well because I doubt the UN would follow through on this and, without these things happening, there isn't going to be any peace in south Lebanon or across the Israeli-Lebanese border.

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