Friday, September 01, 2006

Religion of peace

Theodore Dalrymple has an interesting piece in the latest issue of National Review. He writes about the false "comfort" of "knowing" that most Muslims don't want to kill anyone. "Is it much of a consolation to know that, in a crowd in which there is someone who is determined to kill you, there are many more people who have no such desire."

He writes of the Islamic concept of taqiyya in which a Muslim may disavow his religious beliefs if it necessary to do so. He notes that the so many of the bombers in England presented themselves as perfectly integrated into British society.

For me, this puts perspective on whether, in response to the threat posed by Islamofascist terror, we "should" profile? It's a phony question. Given human nature (we are stubbornly unable to ignore what is plainly in front of us), we will profile. The better question is how?

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Anonymous said...

How, is a tough question for many Americans?
For me there is no question we should be candid about what we are doing and why.