Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Post-election question

One of the things that surprised me was that Mac-Mac got 35% of the vote in the DA's race. I could be wrong, but I don't think the moonbat vote in Milwaukee County is that high. I think that has to suggest a significant anti-McCann sentiment. Given that I suspect there was substantial crossover by Republicans (not a huge - but still a significant - group in Milwaukee County) to vote for Clarke, it may be even larger that Mac-Mac's vote would suggest.

Does this mean that independent Lew Wasserman might get some traction? Can he appeal to conservatives? Could it be that the DA's race is not quite over?


steveegg said...

There are that many moonbats in Milwaukee County. Take a look at the 7th Senate District results, and note that an "ex-"candidate that is likely to become ineligible for public office inside of 6 months took 26% of the vote.

Also, Chisholm ran as a "semi-tough on crime guy" (not that I believe that), and that Mac-Mac's message was basically "the only criminals are the cops". Somehow I don't think that Wasserman can pull off a "tough on crime" campaign while keeping a straight face.

In short, it's over.

Dennis York said...

Dennis York is an idiot. I bet he wasn't even wearing pants when he wrote that post.

Dennis York said...

How about that - I really am an idiot. Left a comment on the wrong post. Sheesh.