Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wiley contacts State Election Board

Although some may argue that the fact that GOP executive director Rick Wiley contacted State Election Board member John Savage prior to the vote on Mark Green's transfer of federal campaign contributions to his state account somehow neutralizes the furor over Doyle attorney Mike Maistelmann's orchestration of the Democrat majority's retroactive adoption of a rule prohibiting the transfer, I think not.

First, there is no evidence that Wiley did what Maistelman did, i.e., inform board members of what "powers that be" would go along with and tell them what "we" want to accomplish. There is no evidence that he urged them to rule so, at the very least, Green would look bad and have to spend money on lawyers.

But let's assume that he did all of this. It just underscores that the SEB "ruling" was an exercise in partisan hacksmanship and that the Democrat hacks outvoted the Republican hacks. There was nothing impartial about it and it says nothing about the Mark Green's ethics or even his compliance with pre-existing law.


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