Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It'll be shaking in Shorewood

Tonight at North Shore Presbyterian Church, 4800 N. Bartlett. The debate on the marriage amendment is sponsored by Grassroots NorthShore, a left-liberal advocacy group, as part of a series of debates. (They have also scheduled debates on the Iraq war and death penalty). I will be representing the pro-amendment side along with Reed Heckman, a Madison area pastor. A Madison attorney, Lester Pines, and Drew Kennedy, pastor of the First Unitarian Church, will be speaking against the amendment. The debate will be moderated by Jack Murtaugh of the Fourth Street Forum.

There will be lots of audience participation (most of the time is given over to Q & A) and, given, the provenance of the debate, I am expecting a hostile crowd.

So come and watch me have a hard time. Or give me one. Or help me out.

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