Sunday, September 28, 2008

Help ! I'm being held captive by vegans!

True story. The Reddess and I stopped for lunch yesterday at Suburpia on Prospect. She had not yet visited the restored 70s icon. We ordered a couple of Miles Standish subs and walked across the streets to Whole Foods to eat.

As we enjoyed our sandwiches, a gaggle of animal rights activists - going up and down North - marched by. They were banging drums and holding signs that said things like "Be Kind to Animals: Don't Eat Them !" and "Go Veggie!"

One of the marchers had a dog and,as she marched past our table, the dog cast a glance in our direction. He caught a whiff of the turkey and,with the quickness that only a hungry dog possesses, took a step in our direction. He gave us that attentive but pleading Golden Retriever look that I know so well. (I see it at least five times each day.) "Oh, please. I'm not one of them. For all that is holy - just a little ... turkey. Can't you see what I have to live with?

Karen and I couldn't help but laugh and the poor thing was whisked away before he started to sit up and beg. I called out after him. "I feel your pain, buddy."

I guess that the point is not to be kind to all animals.

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