Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday oldies - of a sort

I may indulge my inner partisan a bit here. But I think that there's blame to go around on all sides.

Here's the new meme for political dialogue - brought to you circa 1965 by the Castaways:

But there's a reason for it. We want to believe that we can finance huge new government programs while we cut taxes on the middle class and only soak the rich. We want to believe that earmark reform only will restore fiscal sanity. We want to think there are easy solutions. Sheryl Crow expresses the sentiment with unusual candor.

"Lie to me/I promise to believe"

Putting any two things together that sound good. John McCain has lobbyists working for him. (But so do I.) Sarah Palin supported the bridge to nowhere before she opposed it. (But I consistently supported it.) McCain is so old that he doesn't e-mail and once wore funny glasses. If you are a Democrat, come up with your own examples, but it's political dada - invocation of a mood without reason and destruction for its own sake. It's an angry mood, like the Tombstone Blues:

"The sun's not yellow/it's chicken"

Or maybe its like Groucho Marx in "Horsefeathers."

"Whatever it is, I'm against it"


"I always get my man"

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Anonymous said...

Tombstone Blues ... been awhile since I last heard that. It's a good piece. And Marx movie clips, what a bonus! Thanks ... Sundays filled with suspense ... never know what were gonna get.