Saturday, October 08, 2011

It was so much fun because it was so tough

If you're reading the post, you saw it but last night's Brewers' game may be one of the most tense sporting events that I have ever attended. That was a test of will. Arizona seemed on the brink all night but Gallardo, Rodriguez and Axford just refused to lose. There was never an easy moment.

Of course, it's a big thing to win a postseason series but, last night, there was a bit of - not so much relief - but the sense of having recovered something that seemed to be lost. "Is this the best day ever?," a woman asked as we left Miller Park. Of course it wasn't. Not for us and (I hope) not for her. But, at just that moment, it kind of felt like it.

The series against the Cardinals will be a test of the old adage that pitching wins championships. St. Louis has a better line up from top to bottom, but their pitching (with the exception of Chris Carpenter) isn't close. If Marcum can return to form (and he really pitched at about his season average over the past ten starts), the Brewers win in six.

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