Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's unfair, man.

H/T: Mia Reynolds Reini


Anonymous said...

46% percent of the people reporting income do not make enough to pay Federal taxes...while corporate America is holding 2 trillion in reserves as of the end of June...and wants the poor to pay the Federal deficit and debt...who is running this country anyway?

Rick Esenberg said...

They don't pay federal income taxes and part of that is because we've changed the tax system to remove more people from the rolls.

I don't know that anyone has advocated that "the poor" pay the federal deficit. It's hard to see how that would work given that many people who are not poor no longer pay federal taxes.

It's absolutely true that cash is king and corporations are extraordinarily liquid. But they don't "profit" from that. In fact, they pay a rather heavy price for it. The right question to ask is why putting that money to other uses has become unattractive.