Tuesday, October 04, 2011

It's not over for the Brewers

A cautionary note. The Brewers are to face Diamondback pitchers Josh Collmenter and Joe Saunders in Arizona. Collmenter pitched twice against Milwaukee, allowing no runs and six hits in 14 innings. Saunders started once against Milwaukee, allowing only two runs and five hits in seven innings. As for the Brewers starters, Shaun Marcum allowed four hits and four runs to Arizona in one outing and Randy Wolf lost both his starts giving up nine runs and eighteen hits in a little over 14 innings - although his second start (in Arizona) was pretty strong.

And, of course, if we go to a game five, the Brewers will have to face Cy Young candidate Ian Kennedy again.

Of course, one or two starts don't mean all that much but you get the point. Let's hope the Beasts get to Collmenter early and often.


Nick said...

Your headline seems odd to me. It's not over for the Brewers? They lead the series 2-0. They beat Kennedy once already. I know their home record is better than their away record, but it seems odd to me to be so pessimistic when you are ahead 2-0 in a best of five series.

Rick Esenberg said...

I am not pessimistic. I am cautious.

George Mitchell said...

Caution appears well-advised.

Cliff Lee lost 2 of 5 games in a series with the Giants last year. Will Kennedy lose 2 of 5 this year?