Monday, October 03, 2011

Sweep is great but there's more to come

Doesn't seem right to do politics before noon today. I went to the Brewers games on Saturday and Sunday and gave my Packers tickets to my son (a Hobson's Choice!). I never went to UW (although I got admitted there four times) but I grew up rooting for the Badgers. I remember 1967 and 1968 - the team went 0-19-1. I can recall listening on the radio to the game in 1969 when they finally ending a very long losing streak against Iowa.

The thing about this weekend is that it went beyond the moment; beyond the sweep. I still don't think UW will play for the national championship (I think Michigan State is a huge trap game) but you there are way in the mix. It could happen. The Packers' situation is captured by the idea that we're still a bit uncomfortable with a 26 point win because the defense wasn't as sharp as we want them to be. With their offense, it may not matter.

Can the Brewers beat the Phillies? Will they have to? They look like a team of destiny and I've got tickets on my credenza that say "World Series" and there's a good chance I'll get to use them.

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Geo mitchell said...

I was at the Iowa game. suffered thru the losing streak AND don Morton. Great vibe in camp randall Saturday night. A rose bowl against Stanford would be a nice alternative to national title game.