Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Eye on Wisconsin needs Lasik*

Lefty blogger Cory Liebman at Eye on Wisconsin unintentionally boosts Mark Green's campaign by citing a recent rating in the National Journal in which he is identified as Wisconsin's most conservative congressman, Good on you, Mark!

The ratings, based on how a legislator has voted on selected issues, can be found here.

Liebman argues that this means Green is "too extreme." He acknowledges that Rep. Tammy Baldwin is more liberal (with a "liberal" rating of 93) than Green, but explains that she represents Madison and is not seeking statewide office. (We'll remember this when Kohl retires). The GOP, he argues, should put up a more moderate candidate for statewide office. That it seems poised to nominate Green shows that it is extremist.

But he missed the story! What he failed to see is that, not only Baldwin, but every Democrat legislator in the state is more liberal than Green is conservative. Green's composite "conservative score" is 65.2. The only Dem whose liberal rating comes close is Ron Kind at 65.7. Every other Dem has a liberal rating that exceeds Green's conservative number by double digits. Read 'em and weep: Kohl(78.8); Obey (81.5); Feingold (85.2); Moore (89); Baldwin (93).

Wisconsin is split down the middle between red and blue voters. If Green is too "exteme" then so are the Dems. Everyone of them.

Update: This post originally suggested that Mr. Liebman needs Lasix. The Reddess of Roscommon, R.N., called and asked me why Eye on Wisconsin needs a powerful diueretic usually administered to people in congestive heart failure.
I hope he doesn't. I do hope he opens his eyes.

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errant said...

Yes, they are all too extreme. Unfortunately, our political system these days works to generate ideological polarization. As a result, the majority of moderate voters in America are not well represented by our incumbents or their parties.