Monday, March 06, 2006

Let's do lunch

Mark Goldblatt, writing at NRO, has some ideas for "brave new projects" that Hollywood could tackle. He has some good ideas. I have a few more. And I am available right away.

We know that Holocaust movies do well and WWII movies are still big. Why not a biopic about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German minister, who was martyred for his opposition to Hitler? The movie could explore the role of his faith in confronting evil, even unto the point of death.

Since the McCarthy era produced a winner in Good Night, and Good Luck, let's stay there, but this time let's do a drama about the communist infiltration in the government that we now know did take place based upon release of Soviet files. Or if you don't like that, let's do a film about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in which they are portrayed to be, as they were, guilty.

This racism angle worked for Crash. How about the story of Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, but who (its really true!) was actually a racist who wanted fewer of the wrong kind of people. We could take on a few sacred cows there!

We tackled abortion in films like the Cider House Rules, let's do it again and explore the decisions of two young woman - we can make them high school friends - - who both face unplanned pregnancies. One has an abortion and the other doesn't. Let's explore how a child (and the death of a child) affects their lives. Let's be unflinchingly honest.

Sex is a winner. And we like these Magnolia and Crash-like intertwining stories of gritty urban reality and privilege in LA. How about a statement on the damage wrought on poor families by the cycle of teen pregnancy and out-of-wedlock birth? And the lack of socialization and therapeutic alienation encouraged by rap culture. Let's contrast it somehow with the libertine attitudes of the Hollywood elite and with the moguls of hip-hop in their Brentwood mansions. I think 50 Cent is looking for a project.

How's this? I'm thinking of a poor teenage mother - maybe a bit older now. She works as 50's maid (well, one of them anyway)and has had her father and son gunned down by gang violence. Her daughter has just been, to use a term, "knocked up" and the father could care less. She looks on while 50 works on some lyrics. You know, stuff about getting the "b******" and "popping a cap in the m*****f******." You know how they roll.

If 50 can't do it, how about Kanye?

I'm excited. Have your girl call my girl.

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