Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A tease that fizzled ....?

Yesterday, Charlie Sykes posts the following:


OK, that may be slightly overstating it. But expect Wisconsin's legal community -- and especially our newly activist Supreme Court -- to be rocked tomorrow.

And expect the MSM to miss it. We'll have the details here.

So all day, I'm sitting here. Waiting to be rocked. So far ... nothing. What's a loyal capo to do?

I mean SCOTUS didn't issue any opinions. Nothing interesting from WiSct or the 7th Circuit. No Justice has died, resigned or been caught conducting pornographic Westlaw searches.

What gives?

Maybe he discussed it on the radio, but I couldn't listen. If I wish to remain in Wisconsin's legal community - or at least in that part that gets paid - it's necessary to practice occasionally.

Update: I figured that there was a 7th Circuit connection. I have skimmed but haven't read Judge Diane Sykes comments delivered today at the Hallows Lecture at Marquette (and I didn't go because UWM is beating Butler tonight for the Horizon League championship). It does look like she went after the state Supreme Court in an extraordinary way. And justly so. I'll blog on this tonight but, right now, it's getting close to game time.


elliot said...

"it's necessary to practice occasionally."

Just multiply your hours by three.

It makes life so much easier.

Charlie Sykes said...

Patience grasshopper. Watch my site. Something around 5 p.m. Ye of little faith.