Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Songs for the Occupation

Let's start by being generous. While I think that equation of the Occupants and Tea Partiers require one to elide two opposing ideological views, they are surely a response to the failure of elites - something which, in my view, counsels against the Obaman view of the world. But the elders screwed up and that should be acknowledged.

But here's the problem. The Occupants are seduced by a tired sensibility and dead ideology. It can be attractive. Here's the Last Internationale (we can only hope) singing of the plight of underemployed MFAs and Fiscal Analysts III oppressed in FitzWalkerStan. Pretty voice. Hackneyed lyrics.

And, of course, that way of thinking has what I think it's fair to say is a troubling history. I recorded this at the daily sing along in the Capitol Rotunda.

But at the end of the day, the Occupants know that and this is more about atmospherics.

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jp said...

Is that Putin directing?