Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Continuing the soccer wars

For those who say nothing happens in soccer, Germany and Italy battled for 118 minutes today. No score. Just valiant and unceasing effort. The game was two minutes - actually a little less - from being decided by penalty kicks. Then Italy scored a beautiful goal. So it's over.

Except Germany pressed forward, had a decent opportunity to tie, but ultimately fell victim to Italy on the counterattack. 2-0.

Sometimes I think that the only hope for Europe is in football. There resides what is left of its courage.


Jim Rowen said...

Rick, Rick, Rick. Why'd ya have to go ruin a perfect posting about the Italy-Germany soccer match with a discordant political remark.

It was a soccer match. Not everything wants or needs a big-picture, political analysis.

Haven't I taught you anything on the Von show this past year?

Rick Esenberg said...

Can I help it if I see the big picture?

As for what you've taught me on the Von show, would it be ok if I got back to you?

Jim Rowen said...

I think you are confusing the big picture with your TV screen. Even if it's big screen, it's not big picture.

I can wait for your report about what you've learned on the Von show. I appreciate the amount of time it will take to remember it all.