Wednesday, July 26, 2006

McGuigan's confused again

Jim McGuigan really doesn't like me. He's still railing on me for being "racially insensitive" and is "confused" by my logic. Given that Jim voted for the pension debacle, we know that he is easily confused. Perhaps I can clear things up.

The problem is that I wrote the following in the Journal Sentinel:

In this sorry affair, County Executive Scott Walker has been forced to play the role of grown-up. It is not Walker who left the county's finances looking like Dresden after a night of bombing. To blame Walker is like blaming the New York Port Authority for not providing its tenants with space on Sept. 12, 2001.

Rather, if county pools are permanently drained, they can each be named after one of the people who, effectively, emptied them, say, the F. Thomas Ament Dry Hole or the Karen Ordinans Dust Bowl.

People forced to walk where buses once ran can call their routes the Jim McGuigan Trail of Tears or Gary Dobbert Pass. If Whitnall Park is allowed to go to seed, we can rename it the AFSME District No. 48 Nature Preserve.

To the humor-impaired McGuigan, this is accusing him of "the same thing as the mass murder of Native Americans."

If I thought that anyone other than recalled County supervisors who were gullible enough to vote for a pension deal that has put the County near bankruptcy would think that, I wouldn't have written it. So far, no one else has. But, for Mr. McGuigan's sole benefit, let me set the record straight. It was hyperbole. It was a joke. His vote has caused and will continue to cause untold misery in Milwaukee County. But, no, it's not the same as "murdering Native Americans" and you'd have to be brain dead to think that I was claiming that it was.

He can't understand why I am "on staff" at Marquette Law School. I am, of course, just an adjunct at Marquette. I teach one course. I'm not going to get into why I am qualified to do that. We have the internet now. It's easy enough to look up.

Finally, he thinks I'm "lying" because my blog says I'm from Milwaukee and I live in Mequon. Note to Jim: although most of the readers of this blog are from the area, many are not. They would think of Mequon (and Brown Deer, for that matter) as being in an area called "Milwaukee."


Dad29 said...

It's easy to NOT pay attention to McGuigan. Same as NOT paying attention to, say, Plame's husband.

Problem is, they just keep coming up with larger and larger fantasies.

Anonymous said...

Let's see Jim...what makes him qualified to teach at Marquette Law School? Hmmm...magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, on the law review, made partner at one of the most prestigous law firms in the country and is now general counsel for one of southeastern WI most successful businesses. Does that do it? You can disagree with him, call him a racist or an idiot (I certainly have on occasion) but you can't claim that he is not qualified to teach law. So there.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the Reddess!

Anonymous said...

The Kevin Barrett comparison is asinine and the Milwaukee/Mequon comment is childish, e.g., liar liar pants on fire.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Some people can't take a joke.