Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korea tempts fate

North Korea is throwing up missiles. As this thing gets sorted out, I hope we all keep two things in mind. First, this is a test of the world's collective security organizations. If the UN can't do something about this, then it literally has no value as a security organization. Two, we ought not to care about whether North Korea "just" wants to have the same weapons as some other countries do. It may well be a damn shame that nuclear missiles exist. But their existence is no reason to tolerate their proliferation - especially to militaristic regimes run by unstable dictators.


Anonymous said...

Do we have the will to do what maybe necessary?

Anonymous said...

Calm down boys. Two wars at a time is enough, even for Superman USA.

NK with ballistic nukes is a bad thing, but you can live with it. We've lived with worse. Nuclear powers are eminently deterable.

You GOP guys tend to move to violence pretty quickly. Then lots of civilians die (but never your kids).

Relax, have another beer on the 4th, and recognize that we can outlast Kim Jong Il--just as we outlasted the Evil Empire, Mad Mao, and the Sandinistas.

Rick Esenberg said...


Easy to say if you don't live in Japan - or Seattle.

I don't think that an invasion of North Korea is imminent, but some major ostracization better be.

Anonymous said...

Because of North Korea’s recently demonstrated poor aim, I would be very concerned if I live in Japan or South Korea.