Monday, July 03, 2006

Nothing good happens at 2 AM.

Update: I now see that Jessica McBride made this point 143 minutes before I did. You can't beat those professional journalists.

You've got to hand it to Mike McCGee, Jr., there's no idea that is too dead - or stupid - for him to hang on to. Over the weekend, he organized a rally to promote "Crenshaw" cruising at Miller Park. This type of cruising is named, I guess, after Crenshaw Bld. in Los Angeles.

I hadn't appreciated that cruising had styles, much as I had not known that cruising was actually parking.

Here's what the LAPD has to say about it.

While cruising along Crenshaw Boulevard has been an accepted recreational activity in the past, in recent times Crenshaw cruising has been dominated by gang violence and other illegal activities. On April 1, 2006, gang members fired multiple gunshots at each other, resulting in the injury of at least one victim. Officers responding to calls for service in that area have been blocked and surrounded by the cruisers, prohibiting them to conduct official police business, and on April 30, 2006, gunfire erupted again, resulting in the injury of three victims, one of whom was a 15 year old.

In an attempt to discourage future participation in cruising on Crenshaw Boulevard, the Task Force will also issue a flyer to individuals who are contacted by the police, warning them of the consequences of violating any State, Federal, or Municipal Codes while engaging in cruising along Crenshaw Boulevard.

That our elected leaders are trying to promote what LA is trying to end speaks volumes about the lack of progress in Milwaukee.

I'm all for finding activities for "youth", but this is not midnight basketball or a malt shoppe.

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