Monday, July 24, 2006

"It's Hard To Beat Them" An Israeli Soldier Said, "They're Not Afraid Of Anything"...

This is the current banner on the silly little HuffPo this morning, although the linked article does not include that quote and, in fact, includes a report of Hezbollah's new found enthusiasm for a cease-fire.

I don't know if Hezbollah is not afraid of anything, but they best not be afraid of water. The way things are going, they may wind up bivouacked in the Mediterranean,


Anonymous said...

Dream on, infidel. Hezbollah chased America and France out of Lebanon in the 1980s and it chased Israel out in the 1990s. All the Israelis are doing, besides killing innocent civilians, is creating future martyrs for jihad.

It's funny how you moralists care more about a bunch of fertilized eggs in a petri dish than you do about flesh and blood women and children who die painful, violent deaths at the hands of your government's proxy.

To throw Hezbollah into the sea you would have to exterminate the Shiites in Lebanon. Is that the Zionist entity's game plan?

Rick Esenberg said...

Salaam Aleikum

Actually I think Hezbollah should stop waging aggressive war against Israel and then running and hiding among innocent women and children.

It's a moralist thing, you wouldn't understand.