Monday, July 24, 2006

President Feingold?

Bruce Murphy seems to think that Russ Feingold could be elected President. I would like some of what he's smoking.

I have written that I think Feingold can - and probably will - make a splash in the primaries. I don't think he has a chance at the nomination, but if he did get it, he would be several orders of magnitude to the left of every Democratic nominee since George McGovern. McGovern received a beatdown of biblical proportions from a guy who no one really liked and who was associated with an unpopular war and major economic distress (the fool introduced price controls the year before the election). Maybe a country that has since elected Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush (twice each) and, lately more often than not, a Republican congress has moved dramatically to the left without anyone really noticing.

Russ wouldn't carry Wisconsin.

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Jay Bullock said...

Seems to me that Russ has carried Wisconsin three times now. He got more votes that Kerry did in 2004.

Of course, it depends on who his opponent would be, and, frankly, I think what will kill him is not his liberalism, but the two divorces, sadly.