Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to the Packers' Future

I have to. As someone who thinks that the Packers made the wrong call on Brett Favre, I was happy to see the crowd at Lambeau give Aaron Rodgers a standing ovation when he ran on the field. The mistake, if there was one, was not his and what's done is done.

I must also admit that he was very impressive. He did miss a wide open James Jones, but it also seemed that Jones did a poor job of adjusting to the ball. Jones did bail him out a bit on the touchdown pass (which was high), but that's one of the things he has going for him. He has a great corp of recievers. (Jordy Nelson also looked promising.)The inteception, of course, was not his fault. Rodgers moved the ball up and down the field and, while it was an exhibition, the Bengals don't have a great defense and I am sure that what he faced was very vanilla, this game could not have gone much better for Rodgers.

On the other hand, if he goes down, there may be trouble. Brohm did not play well, although I was cautiously impressed by Matt Flynn.

Finally, the Packers first string defense was dominant. All in all, the game inflated my expectations.


Anonymous said...

The problem I saw with Rogers is that he is short and that most of his passes were high because of the taller linemen. Otherwise, he appears to be very talented and capable of going far. I think he has potential.

Rick Esenberg said...

Who knows how accurate these things are, but he's listed as the same size as Favre.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know that for sure because he does not look like he has the same height advantage as Farve.