Sunday, August 10, 2008

Celtic Rock, pt. 1

Now begins the week of Irishfest - a sacred time for the Reddess' Clan Cooley and my maternal Clan McDonald. So we need Irish rock. Let's start with the Corrs' performance of Jimi Hendrix' exquisite "Little Wing."

But Irish rock often has a harder edge and here is the Cranberries' "Zombie."

But I am supposed to be doing older stuff and Irish rock often has a spritual character. In the early 80s, U2 took an iconic name in rock and roll and gave it an entirely different spin. This is "Gloria" from a concert in Dortmund in 1984.

Back then - and now - U2 ended their set with "40" - an adaptation of the Psalm 40. Here's the old song performed on the group's latest tour.

Next week, I may go all Sinead O'Connor and Black 47 on you.


apexcutter said...

Wonderful Sunday surprises ... never know what we're gonna get! Loved the Cranberries!

reddess said...


Anonymous said...

might i suggest some Pogues or the Dubliners/Chieftians for next week?

-The Bog Trotter

Rick Esenberg said...

I've done the Pogues but there is no reason not to do it again. Thanks for the suggestion.