Thursday, August 07, 2008

Broadway Brett

First, they had better protected themselves against the Jets trading or releasing Favre. The Journal-Sentinel says that''s "almost assured." The NFL Network reports that there is a poison pill that requires three firsts from the Jets if they trade him to the Vikings. Better be.

Second, is this a good move for Brett? This was a 4-12 team and two of those wins were over Miami. The coach is under fire. A big part of the problem does seem to have been their quarterback. They were 10-6 the year before and they do have Laveranues Coles and Thomas Jones. But they are in the same division with the Pats which may mean that the wild card is the best they can hope for.

Third, how well do Rodgers and the Packers have to play to save Ted Thompson's job? Say Favre takes the Jets to the wild card? Don't the Packers have to, at least, win the division? Can Favre play badly enough in New York to let Thompson off the hook? I am sure that Thompson wants to say that Rodgers ought to get a year to learn to settle in and that's not unreasonable, but it's not going to happen. Green Bay is a place where the fans would have given him that room, but Thompson has taken it away from him.

On the other hand, if Rodgers does play well and the Packers win, I don't think that a good season from Brett in New York matters that much - at least if it isn't dramatically better than what happens here.

Fourth, don't the Packers have to pick up a veteran backup? Please, God, not Chad Pennington.


3rd Way said...

1.) If there isn't a poison pill banishing #4 from Chicago or Minneapolis in this deal TT is the worst GM in the NFL.

2.)This is a terrible move that could turn into a disaster for Favre. He is going to have to learn a whole new offense with a whole new set of players (except Bubba). I don’t think he is up to that task. The Green Bay offense was essentially designed around his strengths, he could end up looking lost trying to fit into a system that is foreign to him. One of Favres worst seasons was the first season of the Sherman era (2000). That season saw arguably the most personnel changes and biggest changes to their offense in Favre’s career. In 2000 Favre threw 20 TD’s, 16 INT’s, was sacked 33 times and had a rating of 78.0. And he was 30, not 38.

3.) Rodgers has to finish the season healthy and with numbers comparable to Favre's to save TT's job. He probably will have the numbers (see point 2).

4.) If (some might say when) Rodgers goes down the Packers playoff hopes are gone.

Peter said...

I don't think the Pretty Boy will have the numbers. he's not any better than Rex Grossman in Chicago and a lot more fragile. Or, if you prefer, fra-GEE-lay ... must be Italian.

jp said...

I think Thompson received help from the Packer board as to how to deal with Favre. His job should be secure for a few more years.

Terrence Berres said...

"Please, God, not Chad Pennington."