Monday, June 19, 2006

Fixing broken windows on Lincoln Memorial

David Clarke is cracking down on the lake front, handing out eighty tickets the other night. Liberal blogger Renee Crawford thinks that this is racial profiling and all designed to keep minorities away from the lakefront. She thinks the white crowds that are down there doing the day are just as bad, but everyone looks the other way.

I haven't been down there recently, so I can't comment on her claim that whites who misbehave at the lakefront are given a pass. But it does seem to me that the community has a right to expect a certain level of decorum on the lakefront. No driving up and down Lincoln Memorial and creating gridlock; no stereos with so much bass that the ground shakes; no drunkenness; no fighting. One way to make that happen is to be fairly strict about ordinance enforcement. While it is important not to single out minorities for that, I also don't know that we can expect that the population affected by it will match the racial composition of the larger community. Does that, in and of itself, make the practice illegitimate?


Anonymous said...

Crawford’s blog heading says, “Liberal values are American values”. I suppose they are but probably not embraced by most American’s.
I don’t think we can take many of her observations seriously.

Renees Take said...

I was down there for about an hour watching it. Try it yourself before you say you don't believe it's racially motivated intimidation.

24 of the violations were for driving with a suspended license. I'd like to know how they knew they were driving with bad licenses if they weren't profiling them to pull them over in the first place!!!

Dad29 said...

And "Crawford," you can attest that white folks with suspended licenses were NOT ticketed?

Or that black folks with VALID licenses WERE?

Get serious.