Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The straws aren't even within grasping distance

Speaking of the Dems' spin on the Thompson verdict, the official release is so pathetic that it borders on the bizarre. It claims there was no evidence that anyone influenced Thompson, except, of course, the testimony of those witnesses who claim that she said she was under pressure. It cites her own testimony that she was not influenced, but there must have been some evidence that she was since she is now looking at early retirement in Club Fed.

It repeats the pre-verdict talking point that she had nothing to gain from this. But then why was she acting alone to rig the bid? That one worked better before she was guilty.

It repeats testimony from another state employee that the bids were handled properly, but the problem with that is that it took the jury four hours or less to decide that they didn't believe that.

Most cravenly, it says that Doyle never met with Craig Adelman regarding the contract and that the media had to correct early reports that he did. Period. But the correction, to which they link but which they do not explain, was that Doyle met only with Craig's father, Albert, the Chairman of the company, regarding the travel contract. The Dem spin is so misleading that it borders on an outright lie.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't there some type of John Doe or a similar process to reach into this case for facts that seem to be obvious. The links to the slimy Doyle adminstration seem just incredible.