Monday, June 12, 2006

"Mostly I get shot at elsewhere"

Owen Robinson observes that a man quoted by Eugene Kane to the effect that crime isn't so bad in his Riverwest neighborhood is apparently one of the convicted Democrat tire-slashers. That's interesting and not a little wierd..

My own response to Mr. Caldwell's comments turn on the following statement attributed to him. It is even wierder. In arguing for the safety of his neighborhood, he says:

"Two out of the three times I've had a gun stuck in my face in the city, it wasn't in Riverwest," he noted.

Kane quotes this as if he thinks that's a good thing; as if to say, "see, it's not that bad."

You really couldn't find a better example of how tone deaf the left continues to be on urban crime. For most people, having a gun stuck in your face is not the same old same old. If it happens to them one time, they are mightily disposed to go whereever they think it will not happen again. If you want to rescue "urban living," as Kane and (believe it or not) I want to do, no level of violent crime is tolerable. Minimizing that which does occur is one of the reasons that so many people live in Sussex.


Anonymous said...

Mr Robinson ought to attribute his findings to tipsters when appropriate. He wouldn't have noticed nuthin had I no pointed it out to him.

Jay Bullock said...

Caldwell is not "the left" any more than Fred Phelps is "the right."

High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Rick Esenberg said...


Sorry, but I have been hearing stuff like that my whole life. Caldwell,on this point (as opposed to his election day activities) is not out of the mainstream.