Friday, June 16, 2006

So now we should let the people decide?

Xoff is in favor of a referendum on a new county sales tax. He favors direct democracy. While they did elect Scott Walker and the various supervisors to represent them, that shouldn't preclude permitting the voters express their wishes. If the people want to spend more on government, let them be heard.

Do you suppose he now favors the Taxpayer Protection Amendment?


Dad29 said...

I've advocated letting it go to referendum, too.

Asking Xoff for intellectual honesty is a bit much, but there's nothing wrong with Milwaukee County residents taxing themselves to a population null-set.

xoff said...

Applying your "logic," Rick, Walker must now be against the Taxpayer Protection Amendment.

Rick Esenberg said...

That could be, Bill, but I hold you to a higher standard. I think you've earned it.

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