Sunday, June 11, 2006

More on Morales

As for the substance of Jennifer Morales' "coming out," isn't there clearly some significance in the fact that she lives with a member of the MTEA? In that sense, she really did need to go public, so that this conflict of interest could be disclosed. Shouldn't she recuse herself in votes affecting the MTEA (particularily on compensation)? And if she has to do that, shouldn't she resign from the board?


Jay Bullock said...

Two points: MPS does not, as far as I know, offer partner benefits, so Morales is not benefiting from her partner's benefits. There is something to be said for pure salary, which would obviously affect their standard of living, but since board members are paid a pittance, I've always figured Morales had a job besides. (She may not; that's not come up in my conversations with her.)

Second, though, calls for Morales to recuse herself on certain issues would sound more authentic if other board members had to recuse themselves as well. Danny Goldberg, for example, profited from the Gates money directed to "small schools" and he now sits on the school redesign committee that oversees such things. Barbara Horton is a principal at a voucher school that benefits from MPS students exiting the system.

We could probably come up with reasons why the whole board should, like Balistreri, resign . . .

Rick Esenberg said...


Please. Does your wife work? Does she have her own health plan available? If you get a raise or promotion, does she dance down the driveway? And not just because she's proud of you?

Jay Bullock said...

When I was made department chair, she yelled at me. Because I accepted without checking with her.

Not like that was more money. Just more responsibility.

But my second point holds.