Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Shark drops out!

Well, I'm not running for the U.S. Senate either. Apart from the fact that I would get only a few more votes than the last guy to run against Fidel Castro, a Senator's salary would not support the Reddess in the style to which she has become accustomed or cover the rest of Shark II's education.

But somebody should take a shot at Kohl and, if you got the right candidate, someone who is as bright as he is dim and as witty as he is colorless, he or she might get a few votes. You'd want to model the candidacy after, believe it or not, Feingold's first run. He had no money and no chance, so he decided to swing from the heels; to be interesting. It would take more than that to win ('92 was a Democrat year)and God only knows where the money would come from, but shouldn't someone be willing to step up?

I understand that Kohl saved the Bucks and built a really nice arena in Madison. I know he's unassuming, eats at Webb's and had done a bang-up job of inheriting a lot of money. But I can't think of a thing he's done in the US Senate. Everytime he questions someone in a Judiciary Committee hearing, one can't help but think: here's a guy who should be running a chain of retail stores. That you are successful in one walk of life does not mean you will be successful to other. Herb has wound up in a job for which he has no gift. Can't we set him free?

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Anonymous said...

Hey just one minute Shark. In what manner am I accustomed to living? I am not that way...you've got some groveling to do fin-boy.
In addition, I didn't know that you were chair of the North Shore De...the North Shore Dem...the North Shore Dehmmm...oh forget it -a bunch of liberals. How much should her reddess be forced to take in one day?