Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's a nice day for a shark wedding

I am back from my son's wedding in Janesville. It was a wonderful couple of days. My new daughter, the lovely Karra Esenberg, is a liberal, but a brilliant one. Shark II played rock and roll until midnight. Shark III danced all night. (In response to Widgerson, their first child was a masculine one. They said yes to life when it wasn't so easy.)

I wonder if other people who have experienced the marriage of their children have been struck by how great their kids' friends have become? I concede that I had been seeing, and enjoying it, for a few years, but there is nothing like a wedding to put it right there for you.

I have also been struck by how great is to have co-parents in law. We have no word for this. At the rehearsal dinner, I told the group that we have daughters and sons-in law; brothers and sisters in-law, but no word for the people who are the parents of the person who marries your child. (And, although we don't acknowledge it, there may be few relationships that require more bonding.)I said that the only thing that occurs to me is that, if we took it to its logical extreme, my new daughter-in law's mom would be my wife-in-law. She is an unbelievably wonderful lady. Her husband, also a fantastic example of the genus human being, is one lucky (and deserving) guy. But we are just not permitted to go there. More fundamentally, I don't share the Reddess.

In short, I gained not just a great daughter, but a whole frickin' family of wonderful people.

I will now go back to the normal cynical fare.

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