Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is Doyle at the precipice?

I wonder. As I (here and in the paper)- and oh so many others have noted - the Doylies spin on the Thompson verdict is amazingly lame. One would have thought that the Governor would have promised to fully investigate whether any of his subordinates had pressured Ms. Thompson. One cannot help but wonder whether the problem is the need to maintain a shaky human pyramid.

That another deal is about to present itself for intimate examination doesn't help. At some point, the Governor's mansion becomes impossible to fumigate without a change of residents.

The Governor's dire circumstance has been underscored by his spokespersons' resort to the "your mother wears army boots" mode. Asked about the latest allegations against Marotta, Melanie Fonder says that Green sits at a desk and takes money. Maybe, but that's not going to do it.

It is also underscored by sentiment at the People's Legislature's search for a Democratic challenger (expressed more clearly by Garvey on WPR yesterday morning). The base is getting happy feet. They won't vote for Green, but can they be kept in the game?

I am not optimistic about the GOP's fall, but I think Doyle is very close to a tail spin.

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