Thursday, June 15, 2006

MATC redux

I think that the left side of the blogosphere and those who believe that MATC has it just right are dead wrong about the absence of taxpayers at a public hearing on its proposed levy increase. Union members wonder where Charlie Sykes was? Charlie says he was working. Patrick McIlheran says the same and more. Xoff says that Charlie only pays a lot in taxes because he's rich. And, besides, the average jamoke only pays $14/yr for MATC.

The latter is the key. One of the secrets of lawyer's success is to try and be there everytime money changes hands and take just a little. No one will complain. The reason that MATC pays its faculty more than UW is because it just takes a little from a lot of people.

But that's hardly vindication. If you could steal a nickel from everyone in the United States, no one might notice and you'd become a multi-millionaire. You'd still be wrong. $14 for MATC is too much if it should only be $10.

Even if no one notices.

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