Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am not proud of this

Catholic Charities has been forced to leave the adoption business in Massachusetts because that most progressive of states won't allow it to help parents adopt children who need a home unless they will do so for gay couples as well. That same sex couples may have other agencies with which they may work does not matter. Orthodoxy may not be challenged.

But I want to talk about my alma mater, Harvard Law School. It appears that the students have pressured an old time Boston firm, Ropes and Gray, out of representing Catholic Charities.

I freely admit that I may have benefited from attending Harvard, but I have long thought that it is one of the most overrated and close-minded institutions in America. It apparently has now (as it did in 1981) a silly and pampered group of students who are unable to distinguish between a lawyer and his or her clients. I can only assume that the quality of those professors teaching professional responsibility at our nation's leading law school leaves something to be desired. Perhaps these kids might have been well served by auditing legal ethics at, say, Suffolk.

Or Marquette.

That Ropes & Gray gave into this tells you all you need to know about the craven nature of our nation's leading law firms.


Seth Zlotocha said...

Just want to clarify something.

It was four Catholic bishops from Massachusetts who forced Catholic Charities from the adoption business.

The 42-member Catholic Charities board voted unanimously in December to continue placing kids in same-sex households. The four bishops from Massachusetts overruled this vote and ordered the adoptions to stop.

Eight members of the board have since resigned over the decision of the bishops. Apparently they're not Catholic enough.

Anonymous said...

Seth Zlotocha,

You're right. They're NOT catholic enough...neither am I, so I can tell you to go fuck yourself and stay out of the religion business...